East inflatables are proud to be the inflatables vendor to Auckland Council in 2022-year, vendor number is 936856.

The government generally orders inflatable bouncy castles, inflatable slides, inflatable obstacle courses and inflatables games for schools, communities and some social competitions. They have higher requirements on product quality and customized innovation than ordinary commercial companies. If you want to become a supplier of government procurement items, you must go through strict investigation and screening, and only the manufacturers with the best quality and the best reputation can be selected. So, what is it that makes East Inflatables a supplier for the Auckland government procurement of goods?

l Product quality

Established in 2008, East inflatables belongs to the earliest batch of inflatable manufacturers in China. For 15 years, we have been using the best inflatable material (Plato PVC), even a small fixing ring, we are using high-quality stainless-steel material, never cut corners on any material. We refer to the air mold standards of various countries, and constantly update the air mold manufacturing technology, so that our products can pass the safety monitoring in any country. Currently we have obtained certificates of EN14960, EN71, ASTM F963 and ISO standard after tested by SGS. Our products are also tested by Australian Standards AS 3533.4.1 and British PIPA. In New Zealand, inflatables must comply with Australian Standards AS 3533.4.1 to be used.

l Competitive price

The Auckland Council has a budget for procurement, and it is the government's obligation to taxpayers to purchase the most cost-effective products. East inflatables has specially opened up a price green channel for government procurement. We give up part of the profits and hope to reach a cooperation with the government at the most favorable price, so as to increase the popularity of the east inflatables brand in New Zealand.

l Delivery date

Auckland Council's orders all have clear delivery dates. If the delivery date is delayed, it will damage the government's ability to act, which will never be allowed. East inflatables has a complete production system. All production uses the most advanced machines. Government orders are given priority in production. Generally, the delivery period of an order is controlled within 30 days. We have also set up a warehouse in Gisborne, New Zealand. If you want to receive the goods within 3 days, you can also choose directly from our New Zealand warehouse.


l Innovation ability

The Auckland Council purchases all favor custom branding, which requires the design of unique inflatable products according to different audiences, different venues and different activities. East inflatables has a mature design team, all designs will not charge extra, and design innovative, scientific and interesting inflatable products for the government. Considering that the audience of government orders is larger, we are more inclined to control security. In addition, an ingenious inflatable product can even become a landmark product in the Auckland area, demonstrating the government's care and love for the people.