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07 Nov Unleash the Royal Fun with Our Princess Carriage Bouncy Castle!
eastinflatables 0 144
Prepare to be whisked away into a fairytale land where dreams come true! Our Princess Carriage Bouncy Castle is here to make your event a magical affair. Get ready to bounce, slide, and feel like royalty – because the fun starts here!Regal Bouncing: Step into your very own enchanting carriage, fit for a princess. With regal turrets and a majestic d..
11 Oct Bullseye Fun: Exploring the World of Inflatable Dart Boards
eastinflatables 0 155
In the realm of recreational sports and entertainment, the Inflatable Dart Board has emerged as a novel and exciting activity that combines the traditional game of darts with a creative twist. This inflatable wonder promises hours of fun and competition for people of all ages.The Unique Design:The Inflatable Dart Board takes the classic game of dar..
16 Aug Auckland Council Inflatables Vendor – East Inflatables
eastinflatables 0 790
East inflatables are proud to be the inflatables vendor to Auckland Council in 2022-year, vendor number is 936856.The government generally orders inflatable bouncy castles, inflatable slides, inflatable obstacle courses and inflatables games for schools, communities and some social competitions. They have higher requirements on product quality and ..
20 Jun What’s the Inflatable Climb Wall?
eastinflatables 0 207
The inflatable climb wall, also known as an inflatable rock climbing wall, is a recreational and interactive structure designed for climbing enthusiasts. It is a large inflatable wall that simulates the experience of rock climbing in a safe and controlled environment. Here are some key features and details about the inflatable climb   wall:1 Struct..
14 Jun Why is inflatable arch the darling of major events?
eastinflatables 0 219
The inflatable arch has become a popular feature at major events for several reasons:1 Visual Impact: Inflatable arches are eye-catching and visually appealing. Their large size and vibrant colors make them stand out, instantly grabbing the attention of attendees and passersby. They create a sense of excitement and draw people towards the event.2 B..
07 Jun The Popularity of Inflatable Water Slides in New Zealand
eastinflatables 0 212
Inflatable water slides have gained immense popularity worldwide as thrilling and refreshing attractions during the summer season. Let's explore the demand and enthusiasm for inflatable water slides in New Zealand and why they have become a beloved source of entertainment for people of all ages.Summer Fun and Cooling Off:With its beautiful coastlin..
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